Monday, 18 October 2010

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Yorkshire Artist: Ian Bostock

 I am artist Ian Bostock, currently based in Methley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Back in 1974 I completed a two year Arts Foundation course at Chester Art College and I have  returned to my painting passion relatively recently. At last I have enough hours to dedicate to art because of the seasonal nature of my 'other' job and I have found that there is a lot of interest in my paintings, both locally and from friends. As a result a new career has started to take shape.

I paint portraits, pets, landscapes and modern designs. I supplement my art income by gardening, and my love of plants and flowers has heavily influenced many of my paintings, especially my 'modern' pieces. I try to give an artistic edge to my people and pet portraits by using composition and posture to depict their 'character and traits' sometimes deleting or adding bits but somehow retaining a realistic perception of the subject. 

Similarly I change things in my more 'traditional' landscape paintings to give them more impact and interest to the viewer. In my 'modern' designs, as I call them, I often use the reflective powers of metalic paint to achieve two things: 1. To bring the colours already in a room into the painting and thus it 'fits in well with a variety of decor. 2. To keep a constantly changing atmosphere in each painting as the light changes from dull to bright and from natural to artificial, etc. This latter effect, especially, draws fresh interest each time the painting is viewed.

Please enjoy looking at the original art on my website I hope that I can share my passion with you.

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